Your summer jam

Each summer, Sky Studios offers totally unique and incredibly fun day programs for students of all skill levels. Whether you find yourself making a record, mastering your vocals or jamming like a guitar hero, Sky Studios' flexible summer programs are a great way to continue your education and have one rockin’ summer.

2017 Summer Program Lineup

Mini Recording Camps

Get your band together and record a song in our in-house studio! Hosted by Ian, these mini recording camps feature two hour-and-a-half long rehearsals one recording session, where you'll record a full song. Rehearsals and sessions are scheduled at times most convenient for you. Don't have a band? We can help you find one!

Individual Recording Sessions

Are you a solo singer or instrumentalist? We have recording sessions for you too! Whether you want to record on your own, to a backing track or with a band, we can arrange a session perfect for you!

Record Production 101

Always wanted to learn your way around a control room? Let Schylar give you a crash course in record production, including analog vs. digital production, mixing on a board, Pro Tools and all the need-to-know processes and techniques. Record Production 101 sessions are an hour each and can be scheduled individually or in a group.

Songwriting 101

If you've wanted to try your hand at writing original songs, this program is for you! Learn the basics of song structure, arrangement, composition and more, and walk away with the knowledge you need to begin creating your own hits. We'll be launching an in-depth, multi-week songwriting course this fall, and Songwriting 101 is the perfect way to get a head start on the more advanced program. Sessions are an hour each and can be scheduled individually or in a group.

Inquire at the front desk or email for more info and pricing and to customize a program for you!