Find your voice

Discover your inner artist, as you move from learning to play to learning to create. Songwriting programs are designed to help you go from playing covers to writing your own original material. Under the guidance of an instructor, you can learn the skills and principles you need to find your voice, express yourself and create your own music.


SongCraft is an interactive songwriting program that teaches students the fundamentals of songwriting while guiding them through the process of creating their own original compositions. Through guided group rehearsals, SongCraft students learn foundational songwriting principles, including history, technique, arrangements, lyric writing and song structure, while also creating and crafting their own original compositions. Rehearsal time is spent co-writing in a group, mimicking real writing sessions on Music Row. The program culminates with a Writer's Round showcase, where students perform their original songs "in-the-round" style, with each student taking the lead on at least one song that he or she wrote.